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Calendula Geranium Salt Bath (443ML)

Calendula Geranium Salt Bath (443ML)


Submerging our bodies into a bath filled with warm water and salt is said to be one of the best ways to restore ourselves after a long day. This healthy ritual is said to soothe muscles, hydrate the skin, detoxify the body, and relieve internal swelling. The macro and trace minerals found in salts are necessary for our health and can be drawn into the bloodstream during a warm bath, which can help to balance out the entire body. By adding additional benefits from other natural sources, such as essential oils (Geranium, Orange, Cederwood), infused oils (Calendula oil) and Herbs (Calendula) we can maximize your bathing results. Whether we’re seeking silkier skin, a better night’s sleep, or a little detoxification—bath salts can play such a beneficial role within our day-to-day routine. Don't forget weve added an extra punch with the addition of Colloidal Oats.

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    Maximize Moisturization of the skin
    Soaking in a warm salt solution for 15-20 minutes, offers great benefits in terms of improving the skin barrier function, hydrating the skin, and decreasing inflammation. Studies even show that people suffering from skin issues, such as psoriasis or eczema, can improve their condition with regular salt bathing. The minerals found within a salty soak also work to promote more youthful, glowing skin from the inside out by purging impurities from the skin and balancing skin moisture levels.

    Assist in Decreasing stress
    Spending time soaking in a warm bath with the right concentration of bath salts, infused oils and essential oils can help to increase overall circulation throughout the body, which in turn works to further relax our internal systems. Along with eliminating stress, bath salts help to soothe our muscular systems and aid in both mental and physical rejuvenation. A warm bath is perfect for helping us relax when we’re tense or anxious.

    Helps insomnia
    Nutritionally speaking, salt baths can play a role in encouraging better sleep patterns. Taking baths with magnesium-rich salts allows our bodies to absorb the mineral through the skin, which in turn assists our bodies in getting a good night’s sleep.

    Can provide vital healing properties
    Studies show that regular salt soaks can work to promote our most optimum level of biological and cellular function. This ritual can also aid internal hydration while helping to replenish the body’s electrolytes. Soaking in a salt bath also helps to improve our overall immunity and balance our alkaline / acid levels. These salty soaks remove toxins from the bloodstream, with their intensive detoxification properties. Additional benefits include regulating blood sugar, improving cardiovascular health, and boosting circulatory and nerve function.

    Can assist in Soothing pain
    Soaking in warm water with added bath salts can help to ease various types of pain by taking weight off of the joints and muscles. The act also helps our bodies to heal faster after injury or surgery, as salt offers exceptional natural healing properties. With chronic pain, nourishing salt baths have been proven highly effective in treating various issues including rheumatoid arthritis. The magnesium-rich salt can help to relieve muscle spasms and menstrual cramps as well.


    People with allergies to any of the ingredients used in this product should avoid bathing in it. Avoid consuming any bath products. Always consult with a physician if you are unclear if the combinations of salts, herbs or oils used in the product are right for you.

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