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Find the answers to your questions right here on a holistic approach to healing the body naturally and more!

How do I get wholesale prices?

First, you will need to fill in the registration form and provide all your business and personal information. Northern Fields will then send you an email with your login information. Your business must be registered to receive wholesale prices.

Where do you ship too?

Northern Fields will ship your product to any location in Canada using standard delivery methods. 

Is shipping included in your pricing?

Yes all pricing is inclusive of shipping anywhere in Canada

How do I steep loose leaf teas?  

Download a pdf file here with how to steep loose leaf teas.

What methods can I use to steep tea?

Tea Strainers

Disposable filter bags

mesh, basket-style tea strainer 

Are tea balls good to use?

We suggest not using tea balls or compact tea strainers as they do not allow for the tea to unfurl as they start to hydrate.  Leaving plenty of room for the tea leaves to expand.

Can I return used or unused items?

All products are non-refundable at this time due to Covid.  If you have any product issues or concerns please contact us by email at

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