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About Us

Learn all about how Northern Fields came to be and the direction it is going.

How it started

Northern fields was born with the idea of combining Diana's history in manufacturing and her passion for agriculture. The Long term goal of Northern fields is to provide consumers a holistic approach to healing the body naturally with the use of herbs grown right from the rich soils of Northern Ontario.  


The project is in its 3rd year of research and development. Testing and reviewing the quality of their manufactured products and viability of growing Calendula and Chamomile for the long term purpose of essential oil distillation.  

The results are showing significant promise and with such great promise they have decided to expand Northern fields production into other market segments such as teas, hydrosols and in the near future a full natural Beauty care line using herbs grown directly from the farm.  



Northern Fields prides themselves on providing quality products of which would not be possible without the support of the local agriculture community and family.  Northern Fields looks forward to helping their clients feel better about themselves naturally from the inside out.


Join Northern Fields and their team in experiencing and absorbing the healing power of herbs. 

Northern Fields

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